The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop... (sabaceanbabe) wrote,
The Proverbial Bull in a China Shop...

In other news...

... I'm determinedly avoiding writing again, which is an even sillier activity (or lack thereof) than usual since it's a story I actually want to write.

Go, me?

  • Vividcon 2016

    So I'm seriously thinking about going to Vividcon this August. Are any of you all going? Anyone who might want (or at least tolerate) a roommate?

  • so if I were to go to Vividcon this year...

    Is anyone driving past, say, Columbus, Ohio and willing to let me hitch a ride? And would anyone be willing to let me take up some floor space in…

  • Vividcon 2011

    Okay, enough stalling already. It’s time for my Vividcon con report and vid recs. \o/ This was my first Vividcon and I hope it’s not the last. (The…

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