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A poll! Everybody loves a good poll, right?

Hi, all! *waves* Long time no see.

I'm still doing that ghostwriting thing, and I'm working on an idea for a contemporary f/f romance novel, but I can't decide which POV to go with. Thus the poll.

Poll #2081663 Pick a point of view

Which point of view should SB go with in her contemporary f/f romance novel?

After a fire at a Colorado zoo, a determined animal rescue worker risks her freedom when she struggles against a spoiled heiress who legally adopts a pair of endangered Clouded Leopard cubs to return them to the zoo from which they escaped.
A spoiled heiress legally adopts 2 Clouded Leopard cubs despite a determined animal rescue worker's attempt to return them to a Colorado zoo, but when a cub develops a life-threatening illness, she must learn animals have rights too before all is lost.

How is everyone? I hope you're all well. I miss the good old days of being impossibly fannish about things. It makes me feel old to not have anything to squee over.
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