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one post for all my fics and vids...

This is a post for all my writing and vidding endeavors, all fandoms.


1. A Splash of Plum - ~300 words, rated g, Hatter

Battlestar Galactica:
1. Washed by the Rain - 7,154 words, rated pg, Helo, set between the mini and "33" (my very first BSG fic)

2. Nature of the Machine - ~2,800 words, rated pg, Helo/Sharon, Kara; spoilers through 1.13 (Kobol's Last Gleaming 2)

3. Nature of the Man - 2,891 words, rated pg, Helo/Sharon, Kara; spoilers through 1.13 (Kobol's Last Gleaming 2), companion piece to Nature of the Machine

4. Nature of the Beast - 3,806 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Sharon, spoilers through 1.13 (Kobol's Last Gleaming 2), sequel to Nature of the Machine and Nature of the Man

5. The Transient Nature of a Star's Life - 788 words, rated pg, Boomer, challenge response, no real spoilers

6. Too Far From Home - 926 words, rated pg, Helo/Sharon, challenge response, related to the "Nature" fics

7. Time to Kill the King - 537 words, rated pg-13, Boomer, spoilers for the final moments of 1.13 (Kobol's Last Gleaming 2)

8. Chance Encounters - 4,154 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Kara, Apollo; set pre-mini, challenge response, my very first nc-17 fic

9. The Honey Trap - 4,962 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Sharon, spoilers through 1.07 (Six Degrees of Separation)

10. Rebirth, part 1 - pg-13, Helo/Sharon, otherwise gen; spoilers through 1.13 (Kobol's Last Gleaming 2), speculation for s2 that went pretty wildly AU as soon as 2.01 aired ;) - 5,272 words

Rebirth, part 2 - 4,556 words

Rebirth, part 3 - 4,015 words

Rebirth, part 4 - 6,684 words

11. An Extra Wheel - 1,908 words, rated pg, Helo/Sharon, Kara; no spoilers, challenge response

12. Two Very Pretty People - 665 words, rated pg, Helo/Sharon, original character; spoilers through 1.05 (The Farm), challenge response

13. Whispers - 1,080 words, rated pg, Boomer and Kara, set during the mini

14. Bonding Rituals - 1,600+ words, rated pg-13, Helo, Sue-Shaun, Anders; spoilers through 1.04 (Resistance)

15. Walk in My Shoes - 1,129 words, rated pg, Helo and Apollo, spoilers through 1.07 (Home 2)

16. Beneath the Surface - 2,231 words, rated pg-13, Helo and Tyrol, spoilers through 2.09 (Flight of the Phoenix)

17. To Be Human - 774 words, rated pg, Sharon, spoilers through 2.09 (Flight of the Phoenix)

18. Moonshine - 799 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Sharon, spoilers through 2.05 (The Farm)

19. A Question of Loyalty - 210 words, rated pg, Helo and Roslin, spoilers through 2.06 (Home 1)

20. Five Fraks That May or May Not Have Happened to Helo - 4,311 words, rated r, Helo/various, spoilers through 2.10 (Pegasus)

21. Control - ~8,300 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Six, set pre-mini, spoilers for the end of 1.01 (33)

22. Bridging the Gaps - 4,200 words, rated pg, Lee/Kara, Helo; spoilers through 2.07 (Home 2), challenge response

23. Over the Edge - pg-13, Helo and Duck, spoilers through 2.09 (Flight of the Phoenix)

24. Desperation - 1,922 words, rated pg, Sharon and Adama, general s2 spoilers

25. Letting Go - 6,456 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Racetrack, spoilers through 2.12 (Resurrection Ship 2)

26. Prayers Unspoken - 9,300+ words, rated r, Helo/Sharon, others; spoilers through 2.12 (Resurrection Ship 2), rated r for a depiction of rape

27. Hollow - 1,400 words, rated pg-13, Helo, Sharon, Kara; spoilers through 2.18 (Downloaded), speculation for 2.19 and 2.20

28. Broken Silence - 1,617 words, rated pg, Helo and Tyrol, spoilers through 2.18 (Downloaded)

29. Giving In - 1,500+ words, rated nc-17, Helo/Racetrack, sequel to Letting Go, general s2 spoilers

30. Forgiveness - 1,200+ words, rated pg, Apollo and Sharon, speculation for s3

31. A Level of Trust - 1,700+ words, rated nc-17, Helo/Kara, spoilers through 2.15 (Scar)

32. No Security in Comfort - 714 words, rated pg-13, Helo and Apollo, spoilers through 2.15 (Scar)

33. Standing in the Mud - 222 words, rated pg, Gaeta, spoilers through 2.20 (Lay Down Your Burdens 2), challenge response

34. Time Never Stops - pg-13, Helo, 50 sentences fic for 1character

35. Strip Away the Finish - 1,293 words, rated pg, Helo & Tyrol, general spoilers for the end of s2, written for the first frak_buddies fic/icon challenge thingie

36. Hungry Zombies... - 1,919 words, unrated, Helo & Dee & Lee, oh my!, oh, and zombies *snerk*, spoilers for a bit of season 3, crack!fic

37. Shut Up and Kiss Me - 800+ words, rated pg13, Kara/Sam missing year fic

38. Brothers - ~600 words, rated pg, Bill Adama ficlet, general spoilers for the end of Exodus (this fic has been remixed)

39. Scenes From a Liberation (written for Sweet Charity) - 21,305 words, rated pg-13, Helo/Athena etal, spoilers through Exodus, but really it's totally AU, posted in two parts (with a link to the second at the end of the first)

40. Between Yesterday and Tomorrow - ~6,300 words, rated nc-17, Helo/Kara, set between Valley of Darkness and Resistance

41. They Travel in Packs - 1,986 words, rated adult, Kara/Sam, set in Joe's Bar

42. Reflections - ~2,500 words, rated 13+, Sharon, Helo, Caprica, set after Maelstrom

43. Lines of Dissonance - 1,200+ words, rated pg-13, Helo, Hera and Sharon between Maelstrom and Crossroads II

44. Of Fresh and Salt - 1,622 words, rated nc-17, Hela/Athena missing year fic

45. Can't Let This Get Away - 798 words, rated pg-13, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, set just minutes after she cut her hair in "Torn"

46. Then Came the Rain - ~1,100 words, rated pg, Helo/Sharon, missing scene for Kobol's Last Gleaming 1

47. Perfect Day For a Game - 650+ words, rated pg, missing-year fic featuring Helo, Hotdog, Anders, and Starbuck

48. She Was Mine - 373 words, rated g, future ficlet featuring Helo and Hera on her wedding day

49. Scut Work - 661 words, rated g, spoilers for The Woman, King, features Helo and Gaeta

50. Almost Like Home - 2,000+ words, rated just north of nc-17, spoilers up to Final Cut, Helo/Racetrack with a side of angst

51. Moistened With A Drop of Thy Blood - 1,348 words, rated pg-13, spoilers for Flight of the Phoenix, features Bill Adama and Sharon Valerii

52. With This Mysterious Number Be Content - 1,071 words, rated pg-13, spoilers/spec for season 4, Helo and Starbuck

53. Gotta Jump - 3,439 words, rated pg-13, spoilers for the missing year and Unfinished Business (including deleted scenes), Kara/Sam with appearances by Bill Adama and Karl Agathon (this fic is a remix)

54. Through the Years, chapter 1 - WIP, pg-13, starts out pre-series, focuses on Starbuck/Helo/Racetrack, links to subsequent chapters are at the end of each chapter

55. A Touch of Sun - 378 words, rated pg-13, pre-series and AU like whoa, Kara/Karl

56. Not a Fairy Tale - 2,342 words, rated pg-13, s4 post Revelations, Kara/Sam and a little angsty

57. Not Quite a Fairytale - 1,167 words, rated pg-13, sequel to Not a Fairy Tale

58. Being Real - 2,190 words, rated pg-13, spoilers for Scar and Six of One, Athena and Starbuck

59. Last Sight You'll Ever See - 700+ words, rated R, spoilers for The Oath

60. No Regrets - 1,111 words, pg-13, spoilers through Blood on the Scales, Helo/Athena

61. Gone - 339 words, rated g, spoilers for the end, Helo/Kara

62. A Night at Joe's - 970 words, rated pg, set about the same time as The Woman King, Kara and Hera

63. End of Innocence - 244 words, rated g, set during Sometimes a Great Notion, Dee and Hera

64. In Media Res (the Multi-Media Remix) - 953 words, rated pg-13, set during The Oath, Kara and Felix, remix of amidala_thrace's In Media Res

65. Smiles We Left Behind - 847 words, rated pg-13, set during Flight of the Phoenix, Sharon and Felix, remix of daniisupernova's Beyond Time

66. Losers and Winners - 333 words, rated pg-13, set pre-mini, Karl Agathon and Kara Thrace

67. Bliss - 625 words, rated pg, set earlyish season 1 on Cylon-occupied Caprica, Helo/Sharon

68. A Little Education - 665 words, rated pg, set between Resistance and The Farm, Kara and Sue-Shaun (this fic has been remixed)

69. Going to Be Fine - 1,275 words, rated pg, Anastasia Dualla/Lee Adama, missing year fic

70. Running - 484 words, rated g, Kacey Brynn and Kara Thrace, season 3 (this fic has been remixed)

71. Postcards From the Edge - 2,808 words, rated pg-13, Gaeta and Dee, mentions of Hoshi, season 3 (this fic is a remix)

72. To Die a Hero - 377 words, rated pg, Boomer, prompt: you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

73. Romo Lampkin, Esquire - 532 words, rated pg, Romo Lampkin and Anastasia Dualla

74. Freefall - 3,711 words, pg-13, Cally Henderson Tyrol (this fic is a remix)

75. Lucky Charm - 550 words, rated pg, Racetrack (this fic has been remixed)

76. No Two the Same - 375 words, rated g, Kara Thrace and Karl Agathon

77. Wishing on Dandelions - 504 words, rated pg-13, Kara Thrace/Sam Anders

78. Chasing Icarus - 350 words, rated PG, Kara Thrace

79. A Time of Need - 541 words, rated pg, Doc Cottle during the mutiny

80. A Not So Blank Canvas - 1,300 words, rated pg-13, Kara/Sam, missing year New Caprica fic

81. Making Progress - 803 words, rated pg, Kara Thrace & Bill Adama, late season 2, a nostalgic look at the friendship they lost in later seasons (this fic is a remix)

BSG drabbles and unnamed ficlets:
Helo/Kara ficlet - 192 words

Helo/Six ficlet - 269 words

Lee/Kara ficlet - 161 words

Gaeta/Dee ficlet - 114 words

Saul/Ellen drabble - 100 words

Gaius/Six ficlet - 264 words

Helo and Roslin ficlet - 224 words

Helo, Athena, Gaeta/Hoshi ficlet - 227 words

Helo, Boomer, Starbuck, Tigh ficlet - 160 words

3 help haiti drabbles - 100 words each

Being Human:
1. Fade Away - 1,162 words, rated pg-13, Annie, George, Mitchell, spoilers for 1x06

2. Rock Star - 400ish words, rated pg-13, Mitchell, spoilers for 2x03

3. Echoes of Sensation - 1,800 words, rated nc-17, Annie/Mitchell, written for Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines), no spoilers worth mentioning

4. Restless Spirit - 1,939 words, rated nc-17, Annie/George/Mitchell, written for Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines), no spoilers

5. Tell Me a Story - 1,427 words, rated pg, Mitchell/Annie, prompt: Mitchell tells Annie stories about his life whenever she has trouble sleeping.

Annie/Gilbert drabble - 100 words for help_haiti, rated G

Two drabbles - 100 words each, rated pg, Mitchell POV has spoilers for ep 2x07, Annie POV has no spoilers

Burn Notice:
1. A Man Walks Into a Bar - 1,221 words, rated pg-13, Fiona/Michael, pre-series

2. Black Feathers, Diamond Bright - multi-chapter WIP, first chapter (409 words) posted

3. Balance of Power - nc-17, Michael/Carla, written for the recent porn battle

4. Some People Live... - 645 words, pg-13, Larry Sizemore

1. Time Bomb - 338 words, rated pg, Sarah Walker, written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon

2. Reality Check - 669 words, rated pg, Ellie Bartowski, written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon

3. Hard to Let Go - 445 words, rated pg, Sarah Walker & Bryce Larkin, written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon

4. Enter the Walrus - 1,600 words, rated pg-13, Anna Wu, John Casey, Morgan Grimes, written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon

5. Sweet Comfort - 1,100+ words, rated nc-17, Chuck/Sarah, written for Porn Battle X (Ten Big Ones)

1. Ghosts - 100 words, rated pg-13, Echo, written for the premiere, no spoilers beyond that

2. Penance - 244 words, rated pg, Echo, Adelle, spoilers for the premiere only

3. Uncertain Conviction - 350 words, rated pg, Boyd, Echo, spoilers for The Target

4. A Girl to Hold Onto - 575 words, rated pg, Paul/Mellie, spoilers for Stage Fright

5. To Dance in a Burning Building - 770 words, rated pg, gen, everybody, no real spoilers

6. Through Glass - 512 words, rated pg, Claire Saunders and Boyd Langton, spoilers through Needs

7. Carved in Ink - 281 words, pg, Paul and EchoCaroline, spoilers though Epitaph One

1. Morning Sickness, part 1 - pg-13, John/Aeryn, otherwise gen; spoilers through 4.22 (Bad Timing), my very first fic ever

Morning Sickness, part 2

2. Left Behind - pg-13, John & Chiana, AU from s3's disturbing "Eat Me" (the link is to chapter 1 of 20, you'll find a link at the end of each chapter for the next chapter in the series)

3. Has Anybody Seen My Mojo? - pg-13, gen, spoilers through 4.14 (Twice Shy), challenge response

4. The Tell - pg, another challenge response, John and Olivia Crichton, spoilers through A Constellation of Doubt

5. A Human in Need - g, John/Aeryn, general spoilers through s4, speculation for what would have been s5

6. Pre-Proposal Jitters... - g, Crichton and Pilot, spoilers through Bad Timing, set between Twice Shy and Mental As Anything

7. When You Can't See Them Coming - R for implied violence and sexual situations, Chiana, spoilers through Dog With Two Bones

8. Death, Interrupted - pg, D'Argo, Sikozu, and Grunschlk, spoilers through Peacekeeper Wars

9. Chicken Soup - pg-13, John/Aeryn, no spoilers

10. Never Let You Go - pg, John/Aeryn, general s4 spoilers, kind of a challenge response (this fic is a remix)

11. Language Lesson - 1,009 words, rated pg-13, John and Sikozu, spoilers through 4.01 (Crichton Kicks)

12. Trail of Flame and Flower - pg-17, John/Aeryn, set post Peacekeeper Wars

13. The Soup Nazi - 455 words, rated pg, John/Chiana, set in the Left Behind 'verse

14. Namesake - 1,362 words, rated pg-13, Chiana & D'Argo Sun Crichton, post Peacekeeper Wars

15. Go Ahead, Caller - 1,273 words, rated g, John and D'Argo and a 12-pack of beer

16. A Sense of Self - 893 words, rated g, John/Aeryn, season 1, extended scene for DNA Mad Scientist

17. Windows and Doors - 3,510 words, rated pg-13, Olivia Crichton, John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, season 4 filler for Terra Firma

18. Fit for a Dominar - rated g, holiday drabble featuring Aeryn and Rygel

19. A Taste of Wormholes - 441 words, rated pg, spoilers for Dog With Two Bones, John Crichton and the emptiness of space

20. In His Father's House - rated pg-13, spoilers through Terra Firma, John Crichton/Aeryn Sun, written for remixredux08

21. You Scream, I Scream - 601 words, rated pg, spoilers through Won't Get Fooled Again, John and Chiana and Rygel (at least for a microt)

22. Never Swallow the Dentic! - 350+ words, rated PG, set early season 1, John, D'Argo, Aeryn

23. Sparring Partners - ~680 words, rated PG, vague spoilers for That Old Black Magic, Aeryn and Zhaan

24. Lickety Spit (the Tootsie Pop Remix) - ~1,200 words, rated pg-13, vague spoilers for Thank God It's Friday, Again, Aeryn and John, written for remixredux09, remix of sugargroupie's Lick of Sense

25. Symbols - ~950 words, rated g, vague spoilers for Terra Firma, Chiana and John

26. Summer Vacation - 382 words, rated G, We need a vacation., John/Aeryn

7 Farscape drabbles - 700 words total

1. Beauty in Emptiness (the Luminous Remix) - 1,625 words, rated pg, Zoe/Wash, challenge response (this fic is a remix)

2. The Darkness Lies (the Snake Charmer Remix) - 1,067 words, rated pg, River Tam and Shepherd Book (this fic is a remix)

three Firefly drabbles - Mal and/or Zoe

Jayne/River ficlet - 185 words

1. Lord of the Rats, part 1 - r for language, Peter-Sylar-Nathan, spoilers for all of season one, WIP

2. Need to Know - 811 words, rated pg, Claire and Noah Bennet, spoilers for Six Months Ago

3. Death By Carp - 412 words, rated r for language, Adam Monroe, spoilers for Powerless

4. World's Best Dad(s) - 502 words, rated pg, Mohinder Suresh and Matt Parkman, spoilers for the start of season 2

5. Return From Wonderland - 494 words, rated pg-13, Peter Petrelli (mentions of Bob and Elle Bishop, Adam Monroe), spoilers for Four Months Ago

6. Perception Is Key - 2,753 words, rated pg-13, Sylar/Eden, Sylar/Maya, written for the Sylar Ficathon hosted by verbalvixen, no real spoilers unless you don't know who Maya is (this fic has been remixed)

7. Out of Their Hands - 570 words, pg - Angela considers just what the Company has done in creating the Shanti virus

8. Tiger By the Tail - 429 words, rated r for language, Ted Sprague learns to use his power

9. A Fall of Rain - 884 words, rated pg-13, Caitlin meets Angela Petrelli in the devastated future

The Hunger Games Trilogy
1. Interlude - 2,746 words, rated nc-17, Johanna/Finnick, a few weeks before the Quarter Quell

2. Treading Water - 199,226 words (link goes to the table of contents), rated NC-17 overall (individual chapters vary), Finnick/Annie, their story from the announcement of the Quarter Quell through the end of the 75th Hunger Games

3. License to Steal - 1,878 words, rated nc-17, Johanna/Finnick AU in which they are thieves

4. Sea Tales - 506 words, rated PG, Finnick and Mags the night before he goes into the arena the first time

5. I Want My Innocence Back - 762 words, rated PG-13, Finnick & Snow, AU in which Finnick is very, very angry (but very controlled about it)

6. The Salt Sea, Your Home - 853 words, rated pg-13, Annie Cresta before and during her Games

7. Days Go By - 7,373 words, rated pg-13, 3 days out of the lives of 4 extraordinary women: Annie Cresta, Effie Trinket, Foxface, Johanna Mason

8. Winner, Loser, It's All the Same - 371 words, rated pg, every Games Finnick and Johanna pick their favorites...

9. Be Careful What You Wish For - 1,589 words, rated R (rape and character death), five times Finnick Odair wished he was someplace else

10. Victorious - 41,146 words, rated mature (forced abortion, drug use, forced prostitution, children killing children (you know, all that fun Hunger Games stuff)), Finnick/Annie after the Capitol wins the war

11. Never Get Used to It - 505 words, rated PG-13, Finnick & Johanna & Haymitch during the 71st Games

12. Lions and Tigers and Bears (Oh, My!) - 556 words, rated PG-13, Mags and her first time in the arena

13. Wait. What? - 485 words, rated PG-13, Beetee/Enobaria to the prompt "What was I thinking?"

14. Fear Is the Brightest of Suns - 4,653 words, rated NC-17, Finnick/Annie with a side of light bondage as she helps him through a rough patch

15. The Dark Before the Dawn - 769 words, rated PG-13, Finnick/Annie, It’s rare that I have a night when the nightmares don’t wake me.

16. Madrigal - 21,837 words, rated PG-13, Haymitch Abernathy, Finnick Odair, Johanna Mason, Haymitch. Finnick. Johanna. They were so much stronger together...

17. Welcome to Reaping Day - 2,734 words, rated PG-13, Annie Cresta & Johanna Mason, Annie doesn't want her baby to be born in District 13...

18. Closing Walls and Ticking Clocks - 9,302 words, rated R, Finnick Odair (Finnick/Annie), Even after all that had happened to him, even knowing what was to come if he did win, Finnick Odair wanted to live.

19. Happy Endings Are Overrated - 16,319 words, rated PG-13, Mags and mostly original characters (Finnick Odair, Haymitch Abernathy, and Plutarch Heavensbee make an appearance here and there), The story of Mags' life, in reverse.

20. Rebellious - 41,948 words, rated PG-13, Annie Cresta/Finnick Odair, sequel to Victorious, Finnick and Annie become pirates and accidentally start a second rebellion.

21. Honor - 628 words, rated PG, Enobaria & Lyme, set in the Victorious-Rebellious 'verse, "Why did you do it?" Enobaria asks Lyme...

22. Dog Day Afternoon - 921 words, rated G, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, It took her no time at all to realize the puppy followed her, crashing through the underbrush with abandon.

23. All That Remains - 600 words, rated PG, Annie Cresta & Johanna Mason, Annie's reaction to finding out she's pregnant

24. Erase These Marks On Our Souls - 725 words, rated PG-13, Finnick Odair & Johanna Mason, It’s the dead of night and Johanna leafs through a magazine in the victors’ lounge, the television with its ever-present Hunger Games feed playing in the corner, when Finnick walks in.

25. Flour and Wine - 911 words, rated G, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Peeta's voice sounded funny, mushy and indistinct. Not like his voice at all.

26. Down the Rabbit Hole - WIP (last updated 2/12/2014), currently 8,116 words, rated PG-13, Finnick/Annie, Due to forces beyond their control, Annie goes back with Finnick into the arena...

27. Outside the Fence - 4,690 words, rated PG-13, Haymitch Abernathy, There are times when he forgets about the games. Those are the times that he is the happiest.

28. On Any Given Day - 1,844 words, rated PG, Gale Hawthorne & Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark develop an unlikely friendship.

29. Dance To a Music All Their Own - 579 words, rated G, Katniss Everdeen, Would he come? Or would he leave her here in limbo as she’d done to him for these past five years? She didn’t know which she feared most – that he wouldn’t come or that he would.

30. Tales From Panem - currently 14,064 words, all characters, this is a compilation of all of the drabbles and ficlets too short to post on their own, so technically each chapter is a complete fic

31. Diving Under - WIP (last updated 5/26/2014), currently 10,687 words, rated PG-13 (but that may change), Finnick/Annie, sequel to Treading Water

32. An Act of Kindness - 532 words, rated PG, Annie Cresta, Katniss Everdeen, Annie has a schedule, but she isn’t following it.

33. Simple Comfort - 924 words, rated PG, Finnick/Annie, When Annie breaks during her Victory Tour, Finnick comforts her by reading to her from her favorite book.

1. Death of a Latte - 847 words, rated pg-13, Hardison and Eliot visit a Dunkin' Donuts

2. Easy Money - 342 words, rated pg, Sophie and Eliot with a side of Parker

Stargate 'verse:
1. Home - 265 words, rated g, Vala/Daniel, early s10 of SG-1

2. Dance Lesson - ~1,300 words, rated nc-17, Ronon/Weir, PWP, SGA fic, no spoilers

3. Don't Offend the Locals (the Make Like a Tree and Leaf Remix) - pg-13, Rodney McKay, no spoilers (this fic is a remix)

SG-1 drabble - 100 words, rated pg, written for the help_haiti auction

Star Trek:
1. He Trusted Her - ~350 words, rated pg-13, reboot 'verse, Gaila

2. A Funny Thing Happened… - 224 words, rated pg, reboot 'verse, Kirk and McCoy

two reboot drabbles - 100 words each, rated pg, written for the help_haiti auction

1. Vanilla - 1,050 words, rated pg13, Dean-centric, no spoilers to speak of (this fic has been remixed)

2. Phantasms - 1,850 words, rated R for language, Dean and the Crossroads Demon sometime in s3??

3. Never Speak of This - 2,634 words, rated nc-17, Dean/Bela, spoilers for Red Sky at Morning, written for the One Night Stand ficathon

4. Cheeseburgers in Paradise, Baby - 308 words, rated pg, Sam and Dean, no spoilers

5. A Fine Line Between Disaster and a Good Time - 759 words, rated pg, Jo Harvelle and a couple of original characters

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:
1. Mother of Destiny - 263 words, Derek Reese, implied beginnings of Derek/Sarah, rated G - included in amplificathon, podfic read by twasadark

the first two of six ficlets

the second two of six ficlets

the third two of six ficlets

2. Come In From the Rain - 1,351 words, Derek/Sarah, rated PG-13, no particular spoilers

3. Luxuries - 539 words, Derek, Sayles, rated pg-13, no particular spoilers, or general spoilers for season 1

4. Promises - Derek, Kyle, rated pg-13, not really any spoilers

5. A Need for Trust - 264 words, Sarah/Kyle, pg, spoilers through The Good Wound

6. Always Prepared - 219 words, Sarah Connor, rated R for language, spoilers for Adam Raised a Cain

7. untitled Derek ficlet - 176 words, pg, no spoilers

8. A Patch of Sunshine - 4,800+ words, pg-13, spoilers for Born to Run, Riley and John, written for scc_reloaded

9. Scars You See, Scars You Don't - 2,955 words, rated pg-13, written for the 2010 Valentine's Day Ficathon at terminator_fic, Sarah/Kyle, Sarah/Derek, John/Riley, John/Allison, John/Kate

10. Queen's Sacrifice - 929 words, rated pg, written for round 1, challenge 1 at lastficauthor, focused on Sarah Connor, spoilers for Queen's Gambit

11. Humanity is Overrated - 300 words, rated pg-13, Cameron, prompt: If the dolls could speak, no doubt they’d scream, ‘I didn’t want to become human.

12. Hold on Tight - ~2,800 words, rated pg-13, Kyle Reese/Allison Young, written for the J-Day Ficathon to the prompt an unexpected kiss.

an s2 drabble thingie

three s2 drabbles

True Blood and Southern Vampire Mysteries
1. Being Human - 1,810 words, pg-13, Sookie and Eric, book!verse, spoilers through Dead and Gone

2. Cranberry Wool - 485 words, pg, Eric (implied Eric/Sookie), book!verse, spoilers through Dead to the World

3. Ain't a Party 'til Something Gets Broke - 8,000+ words, nc-17, Eric/Sookie, book!verse, spoilers through From Dead to Worse

4. The Vampire Loves You - 1,330 words, rated pg, Sookie & Sam, spoilers through book 9 (Dead and Gone)

5. If At First You Don't Succeed... - 653 words, rated pg-13, Jessica Hamby, prompt: practice makes perfect

6. Nobody's Perfect - 208 words, rated pg, Lettie Mae Thornton, prompt: Make your least favorite character likeable.

7. Love Me Tender - 927 words, rated pg-13, Jessica/Hoyt, Tommy Mickens, prompt: involuntary singing

8. A Trip With My Dad - 848 words, rated pg-13, Jessica Hamby, Bill Compton, Lafayette Reynolds, prompt: road trip

9. I Will Fear No Evil - 951 words, rated pg-13, Jessica Hamby, warning for kidnapping and implied character death

10. For You - 700 words, rated pg-13, Bill Compton, prompt: Everything I do, I do it for you.

The Unit:
1. Second Guesses and Fools' Errands - 950 words, Charles "Betty Blue" Grey, rated pg-13 for language, spoilers for the ep "Five Brothers"

Drabble posts, multifandom:
4 BSG and 1 BSG/Farscape crossover

BSG, Farscape/Firefly, Star Trek: TOS, Farscape, BSG/ST:TOS

2 BSG and 1 Dragonriders of Pern

Dragonriders of Pern, BSG, The Unit, Farscape, TSCC

Leverage, Parker & Hardison, cylons

1. Ride the Lightning - 7,531 words, rated pg-13, BSG/Farscape, Kara/Crais, spoilers through 1.13 (BSG - Kobol's Last Gleaming 2) and 3.21 (Into the Lion's Den 2)

2. UFO - 620 words, rated pg, BSG/TSCC, John Connor, spoilers through BSG 4.10 Revelations, TSCC "future" fic

3. Change of Pace - ~1,800 words, rated pg, True Blood/White Collar, Eric Northman/Neal Caffrey

4. Navel Gazing - 1,352 words, pg-13, BSG/Chuck, Kara Thrace and Big Mike Tucker

Miscellaneous One-shots:

Hawaii Five-O: A Little Bit of Ink - 567 words, rated G, Danny & Steve and a tattoo

Sons of Anarchy: This Charming Life - 1176 words, rated pg-13, Gemma and Tara

Chronicles of Amber: A Shifting in Shadow and Light - 2,188 words, rated pg, Corwin of Amber

Veronica Mars: This Is For Me - 3,292 words, rated nc-17, Veronica/Logan

If anyone would like to remix or expand on any of my fics, please, feel free. The only thing I ask is that you credit me where appropriate and, more importantly, link me to whatever you write, because I'd love to read it. :)

Battlestar Galactica:
1. Simple Man - music by Shinedown, Helo-centric, clips through Pegasus

2. Out of Bounds - music by Amanda Marshall, Athena-centric (before she was "Athena"), clips through Resurrection Ship 2

3. Black - music by Sarah McLachlan, Starbuck-centric, clips through Scar

4. Walk the Walk - music by Poe, Athena-Boomer-Caprica, clips through Downloaded

5. Precious - music by Depeche Mode, Helo/Athena/angst, clips through Lay Down Your Burdens 2

6. Life Less Ordinary - music by Carbon Leaf, Helo/Athena, clips through... um... Home 2?

7. I Enjoy Being a Girl - music by Doris Day, Caprica-centric but with all the women of BSG, clips through Lay Down Your Burdens 2

8. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - music by Flaming Lips, Starbuck-centric with a side of Six, clips through Lay Down Your Burdens 2

9. Halo - music by Depeche Mode, Boomer-centric, clips through Downloaded

10. Missionary Man (a Sweet Charity vid) - music by the Eurythmics, Starbuck-Leoben, clips through the ads for Exodus 1

11. Shadow on the Door - music by the Police, gen, all clips from the mini

12. Bones - music by The Killers, shippy-gen, clips through... Measure of Salvation?

13. Chasing Cars - music by Snow Patrol, Helo/Athena, clips through Rapture

14. Girl Next Door - music by Saving Jane, Boomer-Cally (Boomer/Chief, Cally/Chief), clips through Unfinished Business

15. Clocks - music by Coldplay, Helo/Athena, clips from just about every ep and all 3 seasons

16. Brothers on a Hotel Bed (a Sweet Charity vid) - music by Death Cab For Cutie, Starbuck/Apollo, clips through Crossroads 2

17. (vidlet) Right click and save Devils and Gods - music by Tori Amos, Helo/Athena, spoilers through s3

18. Nobody Knows - music by Pink, a Racetrack vid, clips through season 3

19. Blue On Black - music by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, a Sam Anders vid (with Kara Thrace), clips through Crossroads 2

20. Shed Some Light - music by Shinedown, a Galen Tyrol vid (with Cally and Nicky), clips through Revelations

21. What About Now? - music by Daughtry, a Kara Thrace/Sam Anders group vid, made in conjunction with pyramidofdreams and starbuck_anders, clips through Revelations

22. Pocketful of Consequence - music by Spygirl, Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny, clips through Revelations

23. Closer - music by Nine Inch Nails, Sam Anders/Kara Thrace, a little darker take on their relationship as Sam tries to come to terms with being a Cylon

24. Tell the Girl - a Lee/Laura vidlet, music by Cowboy Mouth

25. A Tale of Temptation - Helo/Athena, music is The Temptation of Adam by Josh Ritter

26. The Love Boat - multiship of just about everyone to the theme of the tv show The Love Boat by Jack Jones

27. Shadow of an Ancient Queen - Baltar/Six, music is Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac

28. Fade Out - Kendra Shaw, music is Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead

29. No Mercy - BSG season 1 in ten seconds, music is I Disappear by Metallica, made for a twelvecolonies challenge

30. One (The Unforgiven Ones) - AU vid that follows grey_sw's awesome fic The Unforgiven Ones, music is One by Filter

31. A Hazy Shade of Winter - New Caprica arc, music is Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles

32. A Promise to Return - Kara and Sam, a love story, music by Bear McCreary from the original Battlestar Galactica season 2 soundtrack

1. Such an Almighty Sound - Sarah POV Chuck/Sarah vid, music is Drumming Sound by Florence + the Machine

2. Be Yourself, Chuck - multi-character vid, but focused on Chuck Bartowski, music is Be Yourself by Audioslave

Doctor Who:
1. The Crowded Hour - gen vid with Eleven, River Song, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams, music is How the West Was Won by Tom McRae, made for beccatoria

1. Who Are You? - music by the Who, an Echo video, clips used from eps through Gray Hour

1. Destiny Calling (a Sweet Charity vid) - music by James, Crichton-centric with a side of gen, clips through The Peacekeeper Wars

2. I Should Know - music by Dirty Vegas, a first season overview, John Crichton creates a new family in the UTs, premiered at Vividcon 2011

1. Crashed - music by Chris Daughtry, a gen ensemble vid featuring most of the cast through season one

2. Kill - music by Jimmy Eat World, a Kensei POV vid with guest stars Hiro and Yaeko

Hunger Games:
1. Come Away - music is Come Away to the Water by Glen Hansard, the Careers call to their victims

2. It's All in How You Move - music is Glam by Christina Aguilera, Katniss & Cinna for the 74th Games

1. Won't Give In (a Sweet Charity vid) - music by the Finn Brothers, centered on the Winchester men and their battle with the Yellow-Eyed Demon, clips through All Hell Breaks Loose 2

2. Is That All There Is? (a Sweet Charity vid) - music by Firewater, Dean-centric with Sam and John and the Crossroads Demon, spoilers for all aired eps

3. Somebody's Child (a Sweet Charity vid) - music is Once by Brad Caleb Kane, dual-pov vid for both Sam and Dean, spoilers for all aired eps through season 4

Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles:
1. Mary - music by Kristin Hoffmann, a Sarah focused vid with John, Derek, Cameron, and Charley, spoilers for all of season 1

2. Sexyback - music by Justin Timberlake, a Derek Reese vid inspired by discussions at the_other_reese and especially by un4scene

3. Samson and Delilah - music by Shirley Manson, a gen vid that pits the Humans against the Terminators

4. Time Won't Save My Soul - the song used is Shuffle Your Feet by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the video is about the disillusionment of Charley Dixon

True Blood:
1. Wrong - Bill-Jessica-Sookie-Eric, music by Depeche Mode, uses clips from seasons 1 & 2

2. East End Boy Meets West End Girl - Eric/Sookie, West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys, clips from s1 & 2

Miscellaneous one-shots:
Drown Me In Love - Whistler, Elias/Nicole, music is Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

No Fate - FlashForward, Demetri Noh, music is The Warning by Nine Inch Nails

Inyodo - Riverworld, Tomoe Gozen, music is Two Planets by Bat for Lashes

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