THG fic - Running From Ghosts (pg)

Title: Running From Ghosts
Rating: PG
Characters: Annie Cresta, Brutus
Summary: Annie's victory tour, particularly in District 2, whose tribute she killed to win the Games, is not a fun time. But then she meets someone who makes it a little more bearable.
Author's note: This was written for the incomparable for the occasion of her birthday (several days ago), when she lamented the lack of Annie and Brutus fic in the world.

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Would anyone be available late tonight/early tomorrow to sort of beta an original romance for me? It’s currently at 15k words and I think it’ll run to between 16k and 17k total. I don’t need anything in depth, just another set of eyes to make sure I’m not repeating myself too much or changing characters’ names mid-stream.

lorata, I've started your Annie & Brutus fic, but I have to finish this before I can work on it. :(
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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear lorata!
Happy birthday to you!

I hope you had/have a fabulous day. :D If you want a drabble, give me a prompt and I'll do my best.
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Het Big Bang is a go for 2015!

het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!!

Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Little Bang: 10,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Author Sign Up I Artist Sign Up I Beta Sign Up I Cheerleading Sign Up

Author Sign Ups - Open till May 17th, 12:00 PM (NOON) PST
Mandatory Author Checkpoint - July 15th
Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories - July 20th
Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST
Debut Date (DD) - August 31st

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I'm probably going to sign up to write this year, but you know what this challenge really needs? ARTISTS! OMG does it EVER need artists! There are three pages of author sign ups already, but only three artists, so please, if you can make icons and banners and cover art, if you can make a fanmix, if you can literally paint or draw (whether on paper, canvas, or pixels), if you can make gifsets, if you can edit music videos, please consider signing up. One of my favorite fannish things in the world is when someone makes something to go along with one of my fics, whether it be a fanmix or an illustration of a scene within the fic, and I know I can't possibly be the only one who feels that way.
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Hunger Games fic - To Hear Your Voice (PG-13)

Title: To Hear Your Voice
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,607
Characters/Pairings: Finnick Odair, Enobaria, Annie Cresta (Finnick/Annie)
Warnings: references to forced prostitution
Summary: A one-shot featuring Finnick, Enobaria, a Capitol Halloween party, and a late-night phone call to one Annie Cresta.
Author's note: I was tagged on Tumblr to write a Hunger Games Halloween fic by the lovely and mega-talented chistudios. This is the result. Enjoy! Or, you know, cry. Whichever works best for you.

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one of those rare RL posts

And it's not a particularly happy one, although it will hopefully be okay in the end.

In a nutshell, we adopted an adorable kitten about a month ago. He fit into the family almost immediately, but what we didn't realize is that the stress of the little menace new family member caused a flare up of a condition we didn't know existed in both of the adult cats: Feline Herpes.

Where people exposed to Herpes will (usually) develop cold sores, cats can develop ulcers in the eyes. This is what happened to my poor Bertie. For all that I did to make it better, to make it heal, it was too little, too late. His eye ruptured Friday afternoon, and he goes in for surgery to remove it tomorrow morning. On the one hand, OMG HE LOST HIS EYE D:, but on the other hand, he's still alive and actually on the mend. If he gets through his surgery tomorrow - anesthesia is tricky in small animals - then he should be okay.

So. If you want to read the original posts on Tumblr (where I do most of my posting these days), you can read them here, here, and here.